Planting Seeds for Enviroweek

Last week for Enviroweek the 2/3 Natura class and the 3/4 Acqua class came into the garden to learn about planting seeds for the coming year. The 3/4 Class wrote the following piece about their experience.

On Thursday of enviroweek, the 3/4 Acqua class went to the school garden to plant tomato and lettuce seeds.

Making Lables for the Pots

We packed a small amount of soil into little plastic pots before adding a few drops of water to wet the soil. We then added more soil, a pinch of seeds and then more soil again.

Filling pots with soil

More Pot Filling

To finish off we gave the plants a good splash of water. We did this for one or two pots each. There were about 30 pots altogether.

Watering the pots

Watering the pots before planting

These seeds will grow into tomato (pomodoro) or lettuce (lettuga) plants for the garden. The seedlings will grow to be large enough to plant into the ground after the school holidays.

Loading the pots up for the nursury

While we were at the garden we were able to taste test some home grown rocket, spring onion and wild lettuce.

We enjoyed helping Dan to plant seeds. It was good to be doing activities during enviroweek to help the environment. It is important to do activities to help the environment throughout the year, not only during enviroweek.

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