Ask Dan The Garden Man

Plasticine Creepy Crawlies

Well, with spring in full swing, Ms Foster and the Yr 1 classes have been using the garden for a school yard safari. Working as groups of investigators / Scientists they have been finding bugs and insects in the garden and making observations. It has been interesting seeing how things can change once you have a closer look.

Clayde beetle

These activities have also included an avid investigation of our friends, the earth worms. Earthworms live in the soil and eat bacteria and small microbes that live in the soil. In the process they let air into the soil by forming long tunnels that they live in. Also, they deposit nutrient rich wizz and castings that enrich the soil and can be used to grow plants. Worms are an excellent indicator of soil health.

Happy Worms in the Fridge Farm

The kids learned heaps and also had heaps of questions. Ms Foster had the excellent idea of setting up a mailbox in the garden so that people could ask questions of Dan the Garden Man and find out the answers to their questions about the garden or the environment. In keeping with the gardens recycle theme Ms Foster brought her old mailbox for the kids to decorate.

Ms Foster and yr 1 children with the Mailbox

Button Box

The mailbox was spruced up with buttons to add color and all the kids helped to place them on the box. While this was going on, other students wrote letters with questions waiting to be mailed.

Dan and some students decorating the box

Letters to Dan

Before lunch the class came out to mount the mailbox at the garden entrance. We dug a hole for the mailbox and hammered it in.

Digging the hole for the mailbox.

The mailbox was full of letters about the garden and questions for Dan. Thanks so much for decorating the mailbox and giving it to the garden guys!!!

Dan Checking the Mail

Dan's first letter

We’ll be posting the questions up here and answering them in the coming weeks.

If you have questions or messages for Dan then drop them in the mailbox next time your out in the garden. Questions about Nature, what to grow where and when, how to start a compost. There are lots of possibilities. You can also send questions to the blog or the email if you can’t make it to the garden.
I look forward to answering you questions in the coming months.

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