Food forest September

Well what an exciting time in the garden. After the chooks arriving at the end of August we had the garden open during the election day when many people from outside the school came to the garden after visiting the polling booth. It was really great to get such positive feedback from people about the garden and to have so many new people discover what it had to offer.

Plum tree in bloom (?)

Since then we have had some more great late winter rains and really begun to use the nursery space that we built at the last bee to start off spring seedlings.

Beginings of Nursury Space

Also I have been busy digging a trench in the garden from the shed up to the new water tanks which will be used to provide water to the nursery and the veggie beds as well as the sink in the propagation area.

Growing Swale

We have also had some classes come to the garden to plant seedlings and the spring is in the air as the birds chirp and the flowers blossom. Its been so wet and humid that I have sound a few mushrooms in the garden. Mushrooms are a fantastic indicator species, demonstrating a healthy soil ecosystem and a few have been popping up in the grass. The interesting thing about the garden area is that it sits on the the old river bank. Where the storm water drain is laid used to be a creek that would flow and flood like a chain of ponds when it was drying out and a full river and fen when it was wet. This means that we are blessed with rich black soil full of earthworms where the garden is because it has been deposited by the river there over time.

Garden Mushroom

Also, we have been having visits from the local birds that frequent the riparian (river) area around the park and the creek. Cockatoos, currawongs and mynas have been visiting their friends of a feather the chooks and also having a nibble on the beans and peas. While we loose a few beans this natural pruning releases Nitrogen in to the soil from the bean roots self pruning below the ground. Further, these birds bring nutrients to the garden when they make a deposit from the trees which will grow us more plants in the future.

Cockatoo in the Coop

Birds of a Feather

We will have classes in the garden this week to celebrate enviroweek. Two classes have planted seed and I will post the pictures soon. Another two classes have made a garden sculpture and others still are coming to build scarecrows.

Speak soon. Happy spring.

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