Chickens move in

Well, after the resounding success of the working bee on the 15th we were almost ready for the chickens to move into the garden. The children at the school are studying living things and the 2/3 classes raised 6 Isa Brown from 3 weeks old to investigate of the chickens grew with different diets. We had finished Cobbing and Roofing the chicken coop at the working bee and I worked in the week after to put roosts into the coop and finish the gate off so we could lock them in. We still need to build a laying box that can be accessed from the outside for the chickens but we have about another 10-12 weeks before the chooks start to lay.

The Coop, ready for the girls to arrive

After getting some help to put straw in the pen and going out to buy a feeder and water dispenser, the coop was ready for the chickens to arrive. The classes brought them out at 2pm and the chickens enjoyed their new surrounds and space to run around.

Chickens in their coop

It was a great day and really positive feedback from the kids was evident. Pressed up against the mesh all clambering to see and pet the chickens.

kids checking out the chickens, chickens checking out the kids

This made the chickens a little confused and they didn’t seem to want to head into the coop. Ms Runyard went into the run to attempt to entice them into, but to no avail.

Ms Runyard tries to cox the girls into their coop

It was great to get the chickens for the garden. We are setting up food scrap collection bins for each class and the playground so that we can start turning the school food scraps into compost and plant food.

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6 Responses to Chickens move in

  1. Austin Rowlison says:

    Dear Dan,
    How many eggs do the chickens lay each day?I like the chickens.
    From Austin The Windmills

    • Hey Austin, the number of eggs the chickens lay each day depends on the season. Chickens know when it is Spring because the days get longer and then lay more eggs. We are getting one egg a day at the moment from 4 of the chickens. My chickens at home lay between one and two a day at the moment but in the winter I would only get one egg each day from 4 chickens. The younger chickens will start laying soon and we will hopefully get 6 eggs a day. I like the chickens too.

  2. Alex Shajarat says:

    Dear Dan,
    I like chickens. How many days does it take for the snowpeas to grow please?
    from Alex S
    Windmills Class

    • G’day Alex. I’m glad you like the chickens. I planted the snow peas in May and it is now November so that is 7 months that they have been growing. It takes about a week for the seed to sprout and then as quick as 8 weeks for the flower to form. Once the flowers get pollinated the peas can start forming. However, the flowers will not form when it is really cold so we only started getting flowers in September.


  3. Dylan Barrett says:

    Dear Dan
    How long does it take for The Rockmelon seeds to come up? I have never tasted rockmelon before. You are the best gardener in the world. I really like the chickens and the eggs. from Dylan Windmills

    • G’day Dylan, and thanks for your comments. I think it will take about 10 days for the seeds to come up. When the weather is warmer, the seeds will come up quicker, sometimes only taking 5 days. I’ll take a photo and put it up when the seeds sprout. Glad you like the chickens. Take care.

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